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Solarscape offers some of the most exclusive lotions available to the tanning industry. The quality products offered are specifically formulated to achieve professional tanning results. These products are not designed for outdoor use as they contain no sunscreen. NB: It is important to stop use if any skin irritation develops from any of the products.

Why use a Lotion?
  • Lotions are a very important part of the tanning process and are applied before tanning. Using a tanning lotion helps lock in moisture that is lost during the tanning process. It also helps to smooth out skin and allows for optimum UV absorption. Lotions help you to get darker faster and help you keep your tan for longer. Skin should be hydrated to reach and maintain that desired tan. Dry skin reflects UV light and does not allow it to tan properly. Dry skin also exfoliates faster, which in turn causes your tan to fade quickly. Solarscape offers a range of lotions from level 1(for sensitive skins) through to some of the most advanced lotions available - including tingle lotions, bronzers, accelerators and tan extenders.
What is an Accelerator?
Accelerators are used mainly to prep the skin for a tanning session. There are a variety of accelerators - non-tingle accelerators, bronzing accelerators and tingle accelerators. Solarscape can recommend an accelerator for those tanners wanting to build a strong base tan.
What is a Bronzer?
  • Bronzers supplement a tan with a light self-tanner that delivers colour in 2 to 4 hours, while a natural tan develops. The bronze tint can be temporary and be removed with soap and water or it may contain DHA. DHA is commonly used as a self-tanning agent which causes the surface of the skin to brown. Some bronzers contain both a temporary bronze tint and DHA. Solarscape also offer bronzing lotions to help you achieve that sun-kissed look. it is important that hands are wiped thoroughly after using a bronzer.
What is a "TINGLE" Lotion?
A tingle lotion increases the microcirculation of the skin, or causes blood vessels in the skin to open, which increases blood flow. An increase in blood flow also increases the oxygenation of the skin and aids in the delivery of required nutrients. Tingle lotions take the tanner to the next level of darkness. Solarscape offers tingles - ranging from mild to very intense tingles. It is not recommended that beginners or tanners with sensitive skin use tingle lotions, as they are likely to feel uncomfortable from the reddening and heating effects. Prior to first time use test on inner arm. Do not apply to sensitive body areas or the face.
What is a Tan Extender?
A tan extender is a moisturizing lotion specially formulated for the tanner's skin. Tan extenders lock in the moisture and make the tan last longer. Solarscape recommends that all tanners use a tan extender after tanning and showering to maintain soft, healthy, tanned skin.


We also stock compliant protective eye wear (UV goggles), a range of outdoor SPF products as well as UV free tanning alternatives.

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